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Perseus Digital Library September 12, 2008

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Perseus is a digital library for which texts, images, databases and other primary materials have been collected about the history, the literature and the culture of the Greco-Roman world in order to create encyclopedias, maps, grammars, dictionaries and other reference works.

In this free access online digital library you will find the following collections:

  • Greek and Roman Materials
  • Duke Databank of Documentary Papyri
  • Germanic Materials
  • 19th-Century American Richmond Times Dispach &
  • Renaissance Materials

At the Art & Arch section you can find art objects, sites and buildings as well as their description, context and images. There is also an Artifact Browser. The Search Tools section provides several search engines for convenient tracing:

  • Search the Collections in English
  • Search for words in Greek or Latin
  • English-to-Greek (or-Latin) lookup
  • Dictionary Entry Lookup
  • Search for places
  • Search for a person
  • Search for dates

Further more, there are featured sites and publications that you can find whereas you can see the collaborations made in order to create this digital library as well as all the popular texts.

INFORMATION: The URL of the latest Perseus 4.0 version/Perseus Hopper is:

The URL of the previous version of the Perseus digital library is: