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Arts Management / Museology October 2, 2008

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Online Seminar in Arts Management / Museology

NEW COURSE, October 2008

Τhe new course for the Online Seminar in Arts Management and Museology begins οn October 22, 2008. For the fourth year the Hellenic American Union is offering the opportunity to participants from all over Greece to initiate in arts management related issues. The participants do not have to attend classes in Athens, but instead plan their own time of online participation.

Coordinator: Alexandra Nikephoridou, Museologist 

Course Structure

The seminar is an introductory course on the meaning and significance of cultural heritage as well as on the principles of arts management. Among other things, the course will examine issues of administration, management and drafting cultural policy. The course will also encourage discussion about the significance and dynamics of museums by posing such questions as what the mission of museums is, how they operate, and how their communications and educational policies function.
The course comprises six units requiring approximately 60 hours participation by participants.


  • Cultural Heritage
  • Institutional / Legal Framework
  • Organization / Operation / Management of Cultural Organizations
  • Financing Cultural Organizations – Cultural Events
  • Museums, Social Framework, Cultural Landscape
  • Museums and Communication

Upon successful completion of all six units, participants will receive a certificate from the Hellenic American Union.

No specialized knowledge of computing is required; candidates will need to be familiar with using the Internet and sending and receiving emails.

The seminar is conducted in Greek. Participants should have a good command of English to cover some of the required readings.

Target Audience

  • graduates and students of the Social Sciences, Humanities, Economics and Schools of Fine Arts who wish an introduction to the subject
  • artists and professionals in the field of culture
  • whoever wishes, within the framework of life-long learning, to learn about the management of cultural heritage and museums 

New Course: October 22, 2008

Registration: Registration has closed as all available places have been filled.

For more information contact 210 3680071 and 210 3680047

Address: Massalias 22, 10680 Αthens
Tel.: 210 3680900