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Byzantine Monuments of Attica October 4, 2008

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Byzantine Monuments of Attica is a site where a great number of the churches of Attica from the Byzantine period are being presented. The monuments can be found alphabetically, per type or with the aid of a map. In the first and second case, the photo, area, type, date and description of the monument appears. In the last case, by clicking on one of the five available areas, one can see a magnified image of his chosen section. (Further information can be found in the section.)

Apart from the monuments, one can also find a list of objects (sculptures-mosaics and wallpaintings) as well as terms. In the first case, almost the same thing applies as in the case of the monuments, that is information on area, date, description as well as a photo. In the second case a definition of the chosen term is given.